We want to help people on dialysis or nearing dialysis live healthier lives.

Kidney Health Together (KHT) is an independent, nonprofit community-based organization based in Buffalo, NY. Its mission is to provide services that will help kidney patients live healthier lives. We provide information people need to make better-informed healthcare decisions about kidney disease. We provide kidney-healthy food. We connect patients with services to navigate health care and social needs. KHT is committed to honoring the needs of individual patients to guide its work.

Have you thought about kidney transplantation?

We work with people to understand barriers & find solutions.

People aren’t always aware that transplantation is an option.

Some are afraid.

The process can be confusing & overwhelming.

Most find it hard to ask friends & family to donate.

We understand. We’ve been there.

You can talk with our kidney peer mentors about transplantation.

We are happy to tell our stories & answer your questions.

We made videos to tell our stories & show resources to help people get transplanted in Buffalo, NY.

We do a monthly support group on zoom. Contact us to sign up.

Want to live healthier with kidney failure?

Our kidney pantry offers free food to dialysis patients in need.

Our kidney peer mentors can help you find resources for healthy eating.

We also provide emergency assistance when needed.

Are you a Kidney care organization seeking to partner with community members?

For people with kidney disease, the barriers to better outcomes are often simple.

Maybe what’s needed is regular transportation to the clinic.

Maybe they need help from a trusted community member to navigate health care or social needs.

We honor the needs of individual patients.

Many of us have community-worker training.

We’ve helped hundreds get access to resources and kidney transplantation.

We are collaborating with Dr. Kayler at ECMC on a future project. We will gain trust, provide education, and coordinate services (as the implementation arm) while medical leaders run the project.

While taking most of the care to the patients’ dialysis center or home, disruptions to work schedules or family obligations can be minimized and care and compliance can be improved.

Contact us:

info@kidneyhealthtogether.org to schedule a call

716-510-6702 – direct line to Barbara Breckenridge

Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ecmctransplantsupport